Info and data for fans of the play-by-mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms, and Hyborian War from Reality Simulations, Inc

Duel II – formerly known as Duelmasters

A fan page for the Duel II play-by-mail game of ancient gladiatorial combat from Reality Simulations, Inc.

A bloodthirsty crowd roars as the gladiators enter the arena. Nervous but hardheaded team managers watch from their battle crested pavilions. Will months of training and patiently rehearsed strategy pay off with an arena victory? Or will all be lost on the jagged blade of an opponent’s sword?

To lots of old school managers like myself, this PBM game of gladiatorial combat will always be known as Duelmasters. However, it appears Wizards of the Coast released a trading card game called Duel Masters, and must have bought the rights to the name from Reality Simulations, Inc. I can’t fault them for that, but they could have chosen a MUCH better name than ‘Duel II’. If you’re on this page it is assumed you are familiar with Duel II by Reality Simulations, Inc., the game play, and all the abbreviations used, but here is the original Duelmasters Official Battle Rules.

Section One – Duel II Warrior Design and Warrior Overview Breakdown

Sample warrior overviews: Blob – Blob (ADM) – Gen Snookums – Gen Snookums (ADM) – Beast (ADM)

      It uses data from the following sources

Section Two – Duel II Warrior Fighting Strategy

Sample fights: Joro – Bandit Chief – Beast – Master Lao – Master Stroke – Ninja – Rhajah Rouge – Furious George (Tourney Champion)

Section Three – Duel II Advanced Data Mining

Section Four – Duel II Upgraded Newsletters

  • Arena Newsletters – Takes the normal newsletters and inserts warrior styles automatically.

Section Five – Submit data from your warriors