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Warrior styles and tactics

Duelmasters by Pagan

Styles & Tactics

by:     Pagan

Fighting Style Bash Slash Lunge Decise Parry Dodge Riposte Response
Aimed-Blow WS WS WS U U WS WS U
Basher WS U U WS U U U U
Lunger U U WS S U WS WS U
Parry-Lunger U U WS U WS WS S U
Parry-Riposte U U WS U WS U WS U
Parry-Striker U U U WS WS WS WS WS
Striker WS WS WS WS U U S WS
Slasher U WS U S U U U U
Total-Parry U U U U WS WS WS WS
Wall of Steel WS WS U U WS U WS U
WS - Well Suited
S - Suited
U - Unsuited

    NOTE:    Only tactics that your warrior is Well-Suited to can be his favorite. The tactics that are Suited to the style are tactics that are used efficiently. Unsuited tactics are those which seem to cause problems when using them with the corresponding style.