Info and data for fans of the play-by-mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms, and Hyborian War from Reality Simulations, Inc

Manager’s Criticals List

Brings his BROADSWORD down in a horrible cleaving motion! (*)
BROADSWORD arcs from overhead with maximum momentum and force! (*)
BROADSWORD whips horizontally across with a deadly timed power! (*)
Charges forward, BROADSWORD whistling through the air! (*)
Hacks at her (BROADSWORD at her) foe with untamed berzerker energy! (*)
Makes a ferocious backhanded assault with her BROADSWORD!
Sweeps his BROADSWORD in a sudden, vicious assault!
Unleashes a horrifying attack (with her BROADSWORD), straining every muscle for power! (*)

Battle Axe
Brings his BATLE AXE hurtling down with devastating force! (*)
Brings his BATTLE AXE slicing across with tree-felling power! (*)
BATTLE AXE arcs forward with a terrible destructive energy! (*)
Makes an all out cleaving attack with his BATTLE AXE!
Slices up wickedly with the gleaming blade of his BATTLE AXE! (*)
Sweeps his BATTLE AXE in a deadly assault on his opponent! (*)
Unleashes an incredible full-bladed chop with her BATTLE AXE! (*)
Whirls his BATTLE AXE from overhead, attacking with demonic fury! (*) (*)

Attacks, his DAGGER wielded with an unnerving precision! (*)
DAGGER flashes as he takes a sudden vicious slash at his foe! (*)
DAGGER strikes instantly as his opponent leaves an opening! (*)
Drives his DAGGER in a forward slash! (?)
Ducks low and takes a wicked upward slice with his DAGGER! (*)
Leaps forward, DAGGER thrusting with malevolence and surety! (*)
Makes a cruel and cunning underhanded attack with his DAGGER! (*)
Strikes overhead, DAGGER ripping with incredible swiftness! (*)
Whirls and strikes backhandedly with his DAGGER! (*)

Attacks from low guard, EPEE slicing wickedly upwards at her foe!
Blurs forward, EPEE stabbing suddenly with blinding speed! (*)
Dives forward, EPEE stabbing repeatedly with his charge! (*)
EPEE leaps forward suddenly from a high guard overhead!
EPEE strikes forward in a clash of cold steel! (*)
Lunges forward, EPEE thrusting with incredible speed and accuracy!
Makes an incredible flesh-splitting slash with her EPEE! (*)
Whips his EPEE blade back and forth as if to slash his foe to ribbons! (*)

Attacks, FISTS punching with piston-like horse felling power!
Attacks his foe with a pinpoint accurate ELBOW! (*)
Dives forward, FISTS driving at his opponent with menacing fury!
Explodes into a deadly double OPEN HAND strike!
HANDS flash forward, jabbing fiercely at her surprised foe!
Hammers down a ferocious FOREARM smash!
Hauls back and spins into a near-lethal ELBOW smash!
PUNCHES from the waist with an unbelievable quickness! (*)
Spins around and hammers a tremendous ELBOW smash towards his foe!
Throws a rock-fisted PUNCH of incredible felling power! (*)

Great Axe
Attacks, bringing his GREAT AXE down with bone-splitting force! (*)
Brings his GREAT AXE ferociously slashing downward from his head! (*)
Cuts powerfully forward, his full weight behind his GREAT AXE! (*)
GREAT AXE slices at his opponent with concentrated hatred!
Makes a malevolent attack with his gleaming GREAT AXE!
Muscles ripple as his GREAT AXE cuts through the air! (*)
Throws his entire weight behind his GREAT AXE in a mighty assault!

Attacks, bringing his GREATSWORD down with bone-splitting force! (*)
Attacks, swinging his GREATSWORD with untamed savagery! (*)
Brings his GREATSWORD hurtling downward from above his head!
Brings his GREATSWORD smashing outward in a vicious attack!
Hacks mercilessly at his foe with his GERATSWORD! (*)
GREATSWORD arcs forward in an attempt to cut his foe in two!
Muscles ripple as he makes a powerful swing with his GREATSWORD!
Whirls his GREATSWORD overhead, attempting a bashing attack! (*)

Attacks, HALBARD sweeping with devastating momentum!
Batters mercilessly at his foe with his HALBARD! (*)
Flashes outward, attacking with horrifying power!
Grimly unleashes an incredible attack with his HALBARD!
Hurls his body behind a full length sweep with his HALBARD!
Jerks her HALBARD brutally upward in a wicked thrusting arc!
Lashes out with the full length of her HALBARD!(?)
Powers her HALBARD to smash at her foe with untamed fury! (*)
Smashes her HALBARD down executioner-style from overhead!

Backhands mightily, revealing the flash of her HATCHET spike!
Chops savagely downward with her trusty HATCHET!
Hacks viciously downward with the blade of his HATCHET! (*)
HATCHET flashes with snake-like speed and accuracy! (*)
Lashes out brilliantly with his HATCHET!(?)
Makes a HATCHET swing that takes the crowd’s breath away! (*)
Twists his HATCHET aiming a malevolent chop at the defense!
Unleashes a HATCHET attack that absolutely stuns the fans!

LEG smashes outward, kicking with tremendous force!
Throws a piston like SIDE KICK at his opponent!
Leaps into the air taking a vicious flying KICK at his opponent!
Unleashes a bone-crushing KICK of incredible power!
Focuses all of his skill and power into a devastating KICK!
Howls as he snaps a full force KICK at his foe!
Spins, throwing a devastating WHEEL KICK at his foe!
Attacks, LEGS flying in an unbelievable double footed kick!

Large Shield
Barrels forward, LARGE SHIELD smashing before him as the crowd roars!
Cruelly attempts to pulverize his foe with his LARGE SHIELD!
Cruelly attempts to batter her foe with her LARGE SHIELD!
Rest same as other shields

Catapults forward, LONGSPEAR flashing in a deadly assault! (*)
Charges forward, LONG SPEAR thrusting with murderous power! (*)
Is making a deliberate attempt to impale her enemy with her LONG SPEAR (*)!
LONG SPEAR strikes forward with incredible swiftness and power!
Lunges into an attack, his LONGSPEAR flying with incredible force! (*)
Makes a devastating thrust, LONG SPEAR blurring in the attack! (*)
Makes a lighting thrust with his LONGSPEAR! (*)
Unleashes a murderous thrust, that brings the crowd to their feet! (*)

Catapults forward, LONGSWORD stabbing cruelly at his foe! (*)
Feints, then springs viciously forward with his LONGSWORD! (*)
Lashes out with her longsword in a murderous thrust! (*)
Leaps into an incredible flesh-splitting lunge with his LONGSWORD!
LONGSWORD lunges forward with a flash of cold, cruel steel! (*)
Strikes forward with his LONGSWORD, all his weight behind his blow!
Thrusts her LONGSWORD, brilliantly timing her opponent’s motion! (*)
Thrusts his LONGSWORD, cleverly timing his opponent’s motion! (*)
Thrusts his LONGSWORD forward with an unbelievably deadly force! (*)
Unleashes her LONGSWORD in a piercingly accurate thrust! (*)

Bats murderously at his foe with his MAUL! (?)
Bludgeons his MAUL with terrible savagery! (*)
Makes a devastatingly powerful sweep with his MAUL!
Smashes furiously downward with his MAUL! (?)
Sweeps his MAUL in a tremendous bone-crushing arc!
Throws his weight behind is MAUL in an all-out assault! (*)

Medium Shield
Barrels forward, MEDIUM SHIELD smashing before him as the crowd roars! (*)
Cruelly attempts to batter his foe with his MEDIUM SHIELD!
Cruelly attempts to flatten his foe with his MEDIUM SHIELD!
Smashes his MEDIUM SHIELD wickedly forward toward his foe!
Sweeps his MEDIUM SHIELD in a sudden, unexpected assault! (*)
Runs forward, seeking to pummel his opponent with his MEDIUM SHIELD!

Morning Star
Attacks, whirling the MORNING STAR with tremendous Froce!
Attempts to smash at his opponent with his MORNING STAR! (?)
Cleverly tries to break her foes defense with her MORNING STAR! (*)
MORNING STAR whines with unstoppable velocity!
Snaps the MORNING STAR forward in a deadly assault!
Swings his MORNING STAR with deadly intent at his target (*)
Whips his MORNING STAR downward in a remorseless arc!
Whips his MORNING STAR downward in a viciouis power smash!

Bats murderously at his foe with his QUARTERSTAFF! (*)
Brings his QUARTERSTAFF smashing ferociously downward! (*)
Impresses everyone with a masterful thrust of her QUARTERSTAFF! (*)
Jabs murderously at her foe with the tip of her QUARTERSTAFF!
Lashes out with her QUARTERSTAFF in a lightning quick assault!
Surprises everyone with a masterful swing of his QUARTERSTAFF! (*)
Sweeps her QUARTERS in a tremendous bone-crushing arc!
Whirls her QUARTERSTAFF, attacking with berserker fury!

Attacks, her SCIMITAR wielded with malevolence!(*)
Ducks low, her SCIMITAR slicing suddenly upwards! (*)
Leaps forward, swinging her SCIMITAR into a veritable wall of blades! (*)
Leaps into the air, bringing his SCIMITAR down in a powerful slash! (*)
Leaps into the air in a furious slash!
Leaps into the air taking a furious slash with his SCIMITAR! (*)
makes a brilliant twisting thrust with his SCIMITAR! (*)
times a devilish cunning attack, SCIMITAR leaping with deadly force! (*)
twists into a tremendous cutting attack with his SCIMITAR! (*)
Turns into a furious whirlwind of blades as her SCIMITAR leaps forward! (*)
SCIMITAR lunges with awesome cutting power! (*)

Small Shield
Attempts to swat at his foe with his SMALL SHIELD! (NOT)
Barrels forward, SMALL SHIELD smashing before him as the crowd roars! (*)
Charges forward, trying to run down his opponent with his SMALL SHIELD! (*)
Cruelly attempts to batter his foe with his SMALL SHIELD! (*)
Cruelly attempts to bruise his foe with his SMALL SHIELD! (*)
Runs forward, seeking to pummel his opponent with his SMALL SHIELD! (*)
Sweeps his SMALL SHIELD in a clever backhanded assault!
Sweeps his SMALL SHIELD in a sudden, unexpected assault! (*)
Smashes his small SMALL SHIELD wickedly forward towards his foe!

Short Spear
Dives into a powerful lunge with its SHORT SPEAR! (*)
Lunges past its foe and brings its SHORT SPEAR into a brilliant backhand stab! (*)
Makes a menacing underthrust with her SHORT SPEAR!
Rushes her foe, her SHORT SPEAR underthrusting malevolently! (*)
SHORT SPEAR leaps forward with incredible swiftness and power! (*)
SHORT SPEAR moves like angry lightning! (*)
SHORT SPEAR strikes with blinding quickness! (*)
Springs with full extension with her SHORT SPEAR!

Focuses his energy in a powerful upward stab with his SHORTSWORD! (*)
Hacks viciously downward with her SHORTSWORD! (*)
Lashes his SHORTSWORD cruelly at a break in the defense! (*)
Makes a clever stab with his SHORTSWORD that stuns the fans! (*)
Stabs powerfully upward with his SHORTSWORD! (*)
Thrusts his SHORTSWORD forward with his full force behind it! (*)
Thrusts his SHORTSWORD in a lightning move at the defense! (*)
SHORTSWORD leaps forward in a bloodthirsty assault on his foe! (*)
Sweeps his SHORTSWORD in a tight, powerful slash!

War Flail
Attacks, his WAR FLAIL whistling with a frightful acceleration! (*)
Cracks his cruelly barbed WAR FLAIL with tremendous force! (*)
Hauls back and power smashes with his WAR FLAIL! (*)
Lashes out, WAR FLAIL chains curling with a hideous power!
Takes a tremendous swipe at his foe with his WAR FLAIL! (*)
Sweeps his WAR FLAIL in a vicious flailing arc!
Unleashes a murderous full force attack with his WAR FLAIL!
WAR FLAIL screams in the rush of this assault!

War Hammer
Attacks, his WARHAMMER wielded with pile-driving precision!
Backhands, swinging his HAMMER-SPIKE savagely at his target! (*)
Brings his WAR HAMMER crashing downward with horrific power! (*)
Is attempting to smash through the defense with his WAR HAMMER!
Launches a brilliant attack with his WAR HAMMER! (*)
Makes a lightning-quick backhand smash with her WAR HAMMER!
Sweeps his WAR HAMMER downward in a crudely brutal smash! (*)
Sweeps his WAR HAMMER downward in a vicious power slash!
Takes a tremendous swipe at his foe with his WAR HAMMER! (*)

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