Info and data for fans of the play-by-mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms, and Hyborian War from Reality Simulations, Inc

Forgotten Realms

A fan page for the Forgotten Realms play-by-mail game of strategic conquest in a fantasy world from Reality Simulations, Inc.

All over the Savage Frontier, the signs of the Gods returning to the land are clear. They will battle on this material plane for supremacy, and those who join them will be rewarded. Already great heroes and nobles gather support to raise armies and conquer those who oppose their deity as the trumpets sound and the soldiers march in a race to determine the true Lord of the Savage Frontier…

Section One – Basic data on the Forgotten Realms game

Section Two – Advanced data and tactics on the Forgotten Realms game

Section Three – The Gods and their Avatars for you to summon and control

Section Four – Submit data from your Forgotten Realms games

  • Add new community location – Share your turn data and help pierce the fog of war!
  • Add Avatar Matrix – please scan and email me the matrix.