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The Tablets of Fate

The two Tablets of Fate arrive in the Savage Frontier on turn 20. They are both well protected and must be found (I.E. they do not reside in any player owned hexagons.) Victory can be achieved by bringing both of the Tablets of Fate to the Right Place at the Right Time. The Right Place and the Right Time are different each game and can only be learned by having a Tablet of Fate in your possession and researching it. So if your realm is in poor shape, you might want to direct your efforts toward discovering the Tablets of Fate and their secrets.

Tablet of Fate Guardians (Good)

Recorded locations: 70:90

Deva VI
  Human Warrior XLI
    Human Wizard XXX
    Human Priest XXXVI
      8th Human Knights
  Human Warrior XLII
    Human Wizard XXXI
    Human Priest XXXVII
    9th Human Knights
  Human Warrior XLIII
    Human Wizard XXXII
    Human Priest XXXVIII
    10th Human Knights
  First Tablet of Fate

Tablet of Fate Guardians (Evil)

Recorded locations: 02:92,19:15

Lich XI
  Tanar'ri XI
    Illithid Wizard XXXIII
      18th Ghoul Flesheaters
      11th Shadows
  Death Knight VII
  Death Knight VIII
  Death Knight IX
    Lycanthrope Warrior XLV
      13th Wraiths
      11th Wights
  Vampire XIII
    Drow Priest XLI
      20th Zombies
      25th Skeletons
      26th Skeletons
      27th Skeletons
  Second Tablet of Fate

The Right Place at the Right Times:

FR124 - Azzkalozz, Turn 38 or later