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XP bonuses breakdown

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Subject: [FR] Modifiers in FR

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Greetings !

Here's some tables I've produced to summarise 1) the Xp required for
units to gain a 1 hit point bonus and 2) the % required to increase
skill ranks from one skill rank to the next higher skill rank, whether
the % comes from items, Xp's, unit bonuses or Avatar bonuses.

It should be correct excepting for one single area which I hope someone
with the knowledge and experience of playing with the playtesters or
who was a playtester who knows the design would help clarify.

Table for Xp's required to increase 1 hit point

        Hp              Xp

        1-Hit           51
        2-Hits          26
        3-Hits          17
        4-Hits          13
        5-Hits          11
        6-Hits          9

Xp's is the only way to increase hit points other than Avatar bonuses
and very rare & expensive items (which can't be crafted anyways)
therefore the purpose of this chart.

Table for % required to raise a skill rank from one level to another

        %               %

        0               ???
        5               90
        10              45
        15              30
        20              23
        25              18
        30              15
        35              13
        40              12
        45              10
        50              9
        55              9
        60              8

This table is applicable for all stats with skill ranks, each 5%
representing a single skill rank. It goes up to only 60% because I
didn't bother doing it for Avatars and the 2 units (other than
characters or monsters) that can be produced with skill ranks exceeding
60% are rare (Death Knights & Titans). The only one area I'm not sure
is how the 0 (none) skill rank is increased with item bonuses
(Character bonuses do not work) because it is very apparent that units
with 0 (none) skill ranks can actually cause damage in that particular
combat phase. Eg. a coupla of none (0) level units with magical items
with Magic skill bonus can actually participate in the magic phase and
can actually do damage, I'm sure a lot of you experienced ones know
this already. I've done the maths and it actually takes 350 % IF 0
level is equal to 1 % chance (0 times anything is 0, so the lowest
number taken is 1). Even with the most experienced and highest
cummulative magic items bonuses, its definately IMPOSSIBLE to touch 350
% bonus level. What I speculate is, from the input from one of u out
there commenting on multiple damage in a phase, is that the small 1% is
a great compared to units with 0 (none) level Magical Resistance that
it's good enough to cause a few hits. After all I usually notice that
the damage usually only occur when the target(s) has 0 (none) MR which
most units have excepting for magically resistance creatures / races
like the dwarves, gnomes & halflings, ... etc.

Anyone to comment on this ?


c/o Daniel H L Pang)

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