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Info and data for fans of the play-by-mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms, and Hyborian War from Reality Simulations, Inc

For the play by mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms and Hyborian War

This site is primarily for players of the play-by-mail games Duel II, Forgotten Realms, and Hyborian War from Reality Simulations, Inc. PBM games are much like board games, where players from all over the country (sometimes the world) would send in their turns by mail, and the game moderator would process the turns and mail back the results for the next turn. PBM games had their heyday in the late 1980’s, before the increasing popularity of video games. Most PBM game companies have faded away, but Reality Simulations, Inc. still has a continuing fan base, and they haven’t changed their prices since I started playing around 1988 with the manager name Terrablood. Over time I collected and processed data for these games and made it available to others – first by mail, then by this website. I no longer actively play, but I keep this site alive for the players I’ve known over the years. Enjoy.
P.S. The YouTube account ‘TerraBlood’ is NOT me.

Duel IIDUEL II (was formerly known as Duelmasters) is a play-by-mail game of ancient gladiatorial combat. Your strategies will be pitted against the strategies of your opponents and the results of each fight determined impartially by computer. You will only have to command your warriors… and then watch as the results come back to you with the detail of a blow-by-blow narrative – a story you helped write! Each player manages a team of five gladiators, training, developing, and fighting each warrior toward the title of Duelmaster, the feared and honored Champion of the Games. Your exploits, as well as those of your enemies and allies, will be covered in a free newsletter.

Forgotten RealmsFORGOTTEN REALMS is a play-by-mail game of strategic conquest in a fantasy world setting. In War of the Avatars, each game consists of up to 50 players who control realms that consist of units, communities, leaders and items in just a small part of the Savage Frontier of the Forgotten Realms setting spread across a 5,000 hexagon map. Search the land and build your armies. Make and break alliances. Rule as you see fit. Will you forge friendships through clever diplomacy or force others to obey your will? Twenty turns after each campaign starts, the gods begin to choose sides and things really get interesting. Your ultimate goal is to become Lord of the Savage Frontier. Go forth and conquer!

Hyborian WarHYBORIAN WAR is a play-by-mail game of battle, intrigue, and diplomacy set in the Hyborian Age of Conan. You will rule one of over 30 different Kingdoms re-created from the Conan legend. Each land is unique with its own armies, leaders, trade, culture and imperial ambitions. You will command Nobles, Generals, Wizards, Heroes, Spies and Priests who in turn will govern provinces, lead armies, cast magics, set forth to high adventures, spy far off lands, and call upon the gods as you decree. Raids, invasions, assassinations, diplomatic delegations, intrigue, treaties, counter-spying, prophecy, and much, much more will be the tools you will use to rule and advance your chosen realm.